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Nursing's Public Policy Platform
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Nursing’s Public Policy Platform

Protecting the Title of Nursing

Patients and families rightfully expect that health professionals who hold themselves out as a nurse have received the legally required education and training.  To ensure this, we must maintain existing protections in the Code of Virginia so that non-nurses are prohibited from using the term “nurse.” 

Ensure an Educated and Adequate Nursing Workforce

By providing financial incentives for healthcare professionals who serve as uncompensated preceptors (hands-on clinical instructors) for APRN (advanced practice registered nurses) students, we can increase access to care, address the primary care shortage, handle mental health crises, and manage chronic diseases. All of these factors are crucial in improving the health and wellness of all Virginians. The incentive would be available for uncompensated preceptors, including APRNs, physicians, and physicians’ assistants.

Full Practice Authority for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

The current shortage of primary care physicians and the practice barriers faced by APRNs limit Virginians’ access to health care services. APRNs (nurse practitioners, nurse anesthetists, nurse-midwives, and clinical nurse specialists) have provided safe, high quality, cost effective care in Virginia for more than four decades, and should be enabled to contribute to the healthcare solution by allowing them to practice to their full scope of education, training, and certification.  

Virginia’s APRNs currently have barriers to practice which include requirements for physician supervision, collaborative or consultative agreements in order to practice, and restrictions on prescribing authority.

Individual, Family, and Community Health and Safety

Promote legislation to empower families to create healthy and safe environments.

  • Ensure an educated and adequate nursing workforce to support healthy and safe neighborhoods. 
  •  Increase access to mental and physical health services in communities, with trauma informed care.
  •  Leverage the role of nurses to promote community safety and wellbeing such as increased vaccination, gun safety, home visitation, and the recognition of human trafficking victims, etc.


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