Policy & Advocacy

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Amplifying Your Voice
We ensure your voice - the voice of nursing - is heard in Richmond! VNA advocates for nurses, the nursing profession, and quality health care for all Virginians. 

Fostering Partnerships
Advancing healthcare in our state does not occur in a vacuum, so whenever possible, we partner with specialty nursing organizations, healthcare associations, and hospitals. 

Top Priorities
This year, we're working to ensure that:
  • Nurses are protected equally in the hospital setting or other facilities providing emergency care, and not only in the emergency room (HB1921/SB973)
  • Virginians have access to sufficient numbers of nurses, 
  • An increasing supply of nurses and nursing faculty are positioned to educate the future nursing workforce in order to meet the needs of Virginians, 
  • and nursing’s voice is heard on public policy issues.
Want detailed information on our legislative priorities? Public Policy Platform (PDF)

Endorsement and Promotion Policy
VNA does not endorse or support specific candidates or legislators. As a member benefit, we provide our members with information on events in their local area. We encourage our members to meet their current legislators and candidates running for office in their local area to discuss issues that impact the nursing profession. We geotarget our candidate and legislator event notifications in the following ways: If a candidate or legislator is having an event in their district, we notify our members who reside in that district. If a candidate or legislator is having an event outside their district, we notify members who live in the chapter closest to the event. If you are a candidate or legislator with an upcoming event in Virginia you'd like to share, please contact Payton Drake.

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