Policy & Advocacy

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Amplifying Your Voice
We ensure your voice - the voice of nursing - is heard in Richmond! VNA advocates for nurses, the nursing profession, and quality health care for all Virginians. 

Fostering Partnerships
Advancing healthcare in our state does not occur in a vacuum, so whenever possible, we partner with specialty nursing organizations, healthcare associations, and hospitals. 

Top Priorities
This year, we're working to ensure that:
  • Nurses are protected equally in the hospital setting or other facilities providing emergency care, and not only in the emergency room (HB1921/SB973)
  • Virginians have access to sufficient numbers of nurses, 
  • An increasing supply of nurses and nursing faculty are positioned to educate the future nursing workforce in order to meet the needs of Virginians, 
  • and nursing’s voice is heard on public policy issues.
Want detailed information on our legislative priorities? Public Policy Platform (PDF)

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