2018 Lobby Days Nurse Attendee Information

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Note: this information is for nurses and nursing students who registered individually for Lobby Days. If you are a student and are attending Lobby Days with your school, please check with the faculty member who is coordinating your visit for information about your visit to Richmond.

Time and Location
Please plan to arrive between 8:30 and 9 am at:
Suntrust Building (click link for parking options)
Piedmont Room
919 E. Main St.
Richmond, VA 23219

Access a detailed agenda here.

Download the Virginia Capitol Connections app.
We will use this app during Lobby Days to access schedules, committee locations, legislator office numbers, etc.

Legislative Guide
This contains:
  • Detailed information and instructions on how to schedule legislator appointments, 
  • How to prepare for legislator meetings and what to expect when you are in a meeting, as well as follow up, Information on Nursing's Public Policy Platform, and 
  • A guide to each legislator in the General Assembly, including contact information. 
  • This year, Lobby Day attendees need to make their own legislative visit appointments with their legislator or legislative aide, preferably between 10:30-11:30 on the day you are attending. To find specific legislators, please use http://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/. Detailed instructions are in the Legislative Guide and are covered in depth in our training webinar linked below. 

Pre-Lobby Day Training Webinar
If you were unable to join us for one of our pre-session Lobby Day training webinars, please download our Lobby Days preparation presentation (in powerpoint format).

This self guided presentation covers what to expect on Lobby Days, how to schedule, plan, and execute meetings with legislators, and provides information on our public policy platform. After downloading, view using Powerpoint and click on the speaker icon to hear the voiceover information for each slide. It is important that anyone planning to attend a Lobby Day view this presentation before their scheduled Lobby Day in order to maximize our time together.

  • VNA will provide talking points and leave-behind sheets for all the bills we are supporting. You can find more information on our Bill List and our Legislative Action Center page, and part of our agenda is a comprehensive overview of what legislation we are supporting and our policy platform, so do not worry if you are not familiar with everything. 
  • The General Assembly building is under construction. This year, legislators will be located in the nearby Pocahontas building, and our education sessions will take place in the SunTrust building. Directions and a specific agenda will follow after registration. 
  • In order to maximize students' time, this year we will provide you with a recorded webinar to use with your students in advance of your Lobby Day that provides best practices on how to set up a meeting with legislators both during and before/after session, how to prepare for their meetings, what to expect as they meet with legislators, and how to follow up. If you prefer, we can also try to arrange to provide this information to your students in an interactive, live webinar. 
You are welcome to wear scrubs or white coats if you prefer. We will provide each participant with large "Nurses Vote" stickers.

 Contact Kristin Jimison with questions.