Location and date change for VNA Nurse Staffing Summit and VNF Gala

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This week, VNA and VNF leadership made the decision to move the VNA Nurse Staffing Summit and VNF Gala to the Omni Homestead Resort on November 3-4, 2017. We made this decision in the interest of attendee safety after extensive consultation with local law enforcement, the mayor’s office, and executive staff at the Omni Hotel in downtown Richmond.

  • The Nurse Staffing Summit will be held on November 3-4.
  • The Gala will be held on the evening of November 4.

Why did we make this decision?
Recently, the monuments in the heart of the city of Richmond have become a flashpoint. In the days following the recent deadly violence in Charlottesville, a total of four permits were filed for events at various monument sites in Richmond on the dates of the VNA Nurse Staffing Summit and VNF Gala (September 15-16).

The intention of these groups may indeed be lawful, peaceful protest. However, in today’s heated and volatile atmosphere, these events have the potential to attract extremist groups with malicious, illegal intent. The filed permits have since been rescinded, but there is still great concern that these groups will show up on these dates to protest without permits. Due to the uncertainty of the situation, the city of Richmond has cancelled all previously scheduled permitted events from September 15-18. Additionally, Governor McAuliffe has issued an executive order prohibiting all events at Richmond’s Lee Statue until regulations for peaceful protest at this location have been reviewed. 

How does this affect Nurse Staffing Summit registrants?
We anticipate no agenda changes to the Nurse Staffing Summit and the 11.25 contact hours associated with this event will remain the same. Our staff is here to work with you to help make a seamless transition to our new location and date. 
  • If you are able to join us on our new dates in November, you do not need to notify us or take any action! We will simply transfer your conference registration to the new dates, as registration costs will be the same at our new location.
  • If you are unable to join us on our new dates in November, we will provide a full refund of your conference registration fees. To receive a refund, please submit a refund request by September 18. You should expect to receive your refund within two weeks of your request. 

How does this affect Gala attendees and award finalists? 
We look forward to seeing you and your organization at the Gala! Our location change will not have any impact on our award finalists or previously reserved table(s) or tickets.

  • If you are the main point of contact arranging seating for an organization and need to make changes to your guest list, please contact Jackie Jester.
  • If you are a Leadership Excellence Award Finalist, please check with your organization’s main point of contact if you have questions about your Gala attendance and hotel stay. 
  • If you purchased an individual ticket and can no longer attend, we will provide a full refund. To receive a refund, please submit a refund request by September 18. You should expect to receive your refund within two weeks of your request.
How does this affect my hotel reservations?
We are cancelling all room reservations in our room block at the Omni Richmond Hotel. If you plan to stay at the Omni Homestead, you MUST make new hotel reservations. Our regular room block has sold out, but Deluxe Rooms are available at $174 each for a limited time -book now! Please make your new reservation directly with the Omni Homestead Resort by calling  800-838-1766 and asking for the Virginia Nurses Association rate.

*plus taxes and a $10/day resort fee

Nearby hotels (not affiliated with VNA, but provided for convenience):
RoseLoe Motel: 3.9 miles from the Homestead
King's Victorian Inn: 2.0 miles from the Homestead
Vine Cottage Inn: .6 miles from the Homestead What if I have not yet registered for either event?