Virginia Nursing License Plate

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93,001 Reasons to Order Your Nursing License Plate Now!

The Virginia Nurses Foundation is thrilled to announce the launch of a Virginia license plate honoring and supporting the important work of nurses in our Commonwealth. And we’ve got 93,001 reasons why you will want to order yours!

The Mississippi Nurses Foundation recently awarded $93,000 in nursing scholarships… all license plate revenue! Their program has been in place since 2003, but we’re confident we can realize similarly impressive revenue. By ordering a nursing license plate, you will be supporting the Virginia Nurses Foundation and our growing scholarship program.

The one other reason… They look great! Who wouldn’t want one?!

Did you get the orders needed to submit the plate to the General Assembly?
YES! We reached our first goal of 450 orders, which allows for a bill making our license plate available to the public to be submitted and passed. Our next goal is to reach 1,000 plate orders. After we reach this goal, 
orders, the Virginia Nurses Foundation will receive $15 dollars from each plate fee. This funding will support our scholarships and nursing education initiatives.

Can I order a plate through VNF? 

If you would like to be one of the first to know when our plate is available to the public through the DMV, please sign up for notifications and bookmark this page. We anticipate that the plates will be available for purchase beginning in late February.

I pre-ordered a license plate. When will I receive it? 
We appreciate your patience as the plate makes its way through the DMV process. Legislation signed last February making the plate a reality went into effect on July 1, 2017. We have been informed by the DMV that license plates will start being mailed at the end of February, pending completion of the DMV process. We submitted all pre-orders and paperwork to the DMV in July 2017; for updates on your specific license plate application, please contact the DMV directly at (804) 497-7100.

In the meantime, the DMV has advised that anyone who needs to renew their tags before they receive their plate to do so. If someone you know would like to purchase a plate, they can sign up to receive updates about when plates are available to the general public.

Why doesn't my plate have the personalization I requested?
If you ordered a personalized plate but received regular numeric plates, this means that your plate personalization was unavailable or had more than six characters and would not fit on the nursing license plate. You will receive a $10 refund from the DMV for the fee you paid for a personalized license plate. If you have further questions about your plate or would like to try to change the plate you have received, you can contact the DMV plate development team directly at

Why was my application unprocessed?

If you received a letter stating that your plate application was unable to be processed, you will receive a refund from DMV for your plate fees. While DMV does not provide us with specific reasons for not being able to process applications, the most common reason is that information was not included or was entered incorrectly on your application. If you would like to order a nursing license plate, you may do so through the DMV website later this month when they are available to the public for purchase. We will make an announcement as soon as this happens. If you have questions about why your application was not processed, please contact the DMV directly at (804) 497-7100.

Why have I received a bill from the DMV?
If you received a bill from the DMV with your license plate, it most likely means that you had a multi-year registration and additional fees are required, or your vehicle registration renewal was processed because your registration was due to expire within 30 to 60 days, and the renewal transaction was done as a courtesy. If you have questions about your bill, please contact the DMV directly at (804) 497-7100.

How much is the nurse license plate?

The cost is $25 for regular plates and $35 for personalized plates. 

Can my family and friends purchase a nursing car license plate if they are not a nurse?

YES! Anyone can purchase the license plate. You do not need to be a nurse to purchase the license plate.

What is my liability for rendering emergency care if I have a nurse plate?
The nursing license plate renders NO liability to a nurse in any circumstance. If a nurse has a nurse’s license plate, the nurse is not obligated to stop.