Submit an Individual Activity Summative Evaluation

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After Completion of an Individual Activity:
All Individual Educational Activity Applicants granted approval for contact hours by the VNA should submit a Summative Evaluation after completing their activity.

After you have completed your Individual Activity, click here to submit your Summative Evaluation.

If you are looking to complete a Continuing Education Survey for a VNA event in order to obtain your contact hours, please contact Jackie Jester via email

If your Evaluation Summary form will not upload due to size:
Please fill out the rest of the form, attach a blank document for the Evaluation Summary, and email Jackie Jester your evaluation form.

If you have multiple Evaluation Summary documents:
Please convert them to pdf format and combine the pdfs. If you need help with this, email Jackie Jester.

If you have more questions regarding this process, please contact Jackie Jester via email.